Party at Jackie's

We had a lovely "petit soiree" at Jackie Williams' house this evening. She is from Greenville but now lives in Haiti full-time. Her husband, Pierce Williams, worked with John Page as one of the original builders of Cange's water system. A plaque honors them at the cistern's location:
From my understanding, Jackie started visiting Cange occasionally with her husband, than more reguarly, until his death about 20 year ago. She chose to bury him there and move there full time. She is Fritz-Raul's godmother, runs Sant Art (the artisan center), teaches English, and knows everyone.

She lives in a house whose name translates to "The little house above the cistern." It was small but bright, covered in Haitian art, a few photos, and her wide-brimmed hats hanging on pegs along the wall. She gave us cheese, snacks, wine and beer, and shared wonderful stories of her time there. She also helped catch me up on some of the recent political shifts, told with an understanding of how things have changed often during her decades of work there.

I also spoke more with Earl Burch as he was sorting through all the mail that Jackie gave him to take back to the states. Among the letters was the most recent accounting of students who needed their tuitions paid. I was surprised at how inexpensive it was to send a student to school for a year. If you're interested in funding any of these kids, you can donate here:

Also, we saw tarantulas on the way home. They live in the many holes of the stone walls that are throughout the Cange compound. You spot them at night if you carry a flashnight. Sweet dreams!