Leaving Cange

Several of us started this morning with Morning Prayer on a beautiful landing at the top of all the stairs, above Jackie's house. The sun was already up, but it wasn't yet hot, and a nice breeze carried music up to us. It was just beautiful: a perfect spot to take in the view. Mother Suz led the service, and the reading for the day was assigned to be Jesus and the Loaves and Fishes. After a week of trying to help people, giving medicines and hoping they come for  more, yet knowing there was also so much more to do, the passage felt meaningful and intended just for our ears to hear that day.

We are now packing up and getting ready to leave Cange for Corporant. The people here know it's their last chance to be with us.

Samuel must have told his uncle to bring his wares here, as he's outside with a blanket full of souvenirs (many of us bought a few things). The hallways are full of young people waiting to talk to Earl and make their pleas for money. Some of us think Earl's illness may be caused by taking on all these peoples' burdens (it's more likely flu, but the point stands). Eager, desperate students with no other idea of how to get to go.to school are lined up, holding manila envelopes, undeterred by the long lines or our insistance that Earl can't see everyone (probably because he's still "taking meetings").

It's hard to leave.