How to Help: Here and There

If you've been following along so far, thank you. Thank you for your interest and your caring. Some have asked how to help, others have asked how to get involved. So here's a round-up of ways to stay interested, stay caring, and share what you can:

Bois Jolie, Holy Trinity's adopted town

To support students at Ecole Bon Saveur, the Cange primary and secondary school:

To cover the tuition for Cange students to attend university:
(click Online Giving, look for the section titled Haiti, and select "Haiti University Student Support")

To support medical mission trips from Holy Trinity (and other S.C. churches) to Cange and surrounding areas (i.e., the trip we just went on, where your donations would pay for the medicines and other costs not related to the volunteers' room and board):
(click Online Giving, look for the section titled Haiti, and select "Haiti Medical Mission")

To send a student to CFFL to learn about improving agriculture and be able to farm for their families:

To support Summits Education, which provides resources, training and food for 40 primary schools in rural Haiti (and is the current project of the Lafontante family):

To support Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries:
NOTE: There will likely soon be a fund available to support their amazing new project to provide hydroelectric power to Cange. Here's the description from Director David Vaughn: The hydroelectric project is one of the most promising projects for Cange, as their monthly cost for electricity is over $11,000 and, from what we understand, they spend around $60,000 per year on the diesel generator. So in total, they spend ~$200,000 per year for their non-reliable electricity. Based upon our preliminary numbers, CEDC is estimating the project will cost around $400,000, which means they would have a return on investment (ROI) in less than two years. Not only will this save money, but it will also supply clean and consistent power to Cange that will improve life and especially health care in the hospital. If the money were donated, then the impact is immediate.
*I'll post this info again when I get more details from David.

Go on a Trip

Inside the school at Chapoteau, St. Francis' adopted town

If you're a medical professional and want to go on one of these medical trips, please email me, and I'll put you in touch with Harry More or Glen Quattlebaum, the lead physicians/organizers. Email me at claiborneh at gmail dot com.

If you're not medical but want to go to Cange to support arts, agriculture or give other talents, contact Suz Cate at Holy Trinity, as discussions are underway for future non-medical trips that could continue our mission in the Central Plateau. Reach Mother Suz at scate at holytrinityclemson dot org.

I saw that Summits Education organizes trips, and I suspect CFFL/Zanmi Agricole does as well, so research them online if you'd like to make that direct connection.