Christmas Card Season

I stayed up too late last night working on our Christmas cards. Though my perfectionist tendencies make this process long and occasionally frustrating, I really do enjoy looking through photos, choosing the best designs and perfecting them. In the midst of my late-night working, I posted a little note on Facebook about some of my thoughts on cards, and people seemed to like it. So I've added to it a bit, and am sharing again.

My Unsolicited Tips for Holiday Cards:
  1. Please include yourself in photos. Your kids are adorable, but I'm friends with YOU and want to see your smiling face too!
  2. You don't have to have kids to send a photo card. We have a single cousin who sends photos from her travels each year that are just gorgeous, and several friends' cards feature cute pets. My mom even sent a card one year of herself posing with her attractive taxi driver during a trip Italy. 
  3. Zoom in. All card-making sites let you do this. Almost all photos look better because of it. 
  4. Max out at four photos. More than that and your faces are too small to admire.
  5. I totally recommend After exhaustive searching last year, I found them to have the most unique designs, best paper, and yet still be quite affordable. (unpaid plug!)
  6. Proofread/check your grammar. You probably do not need any apostrophes in your family's name (e.g. it's incorrect to say, "Happy Holidays from the Smith's.")
  7. Yes, people still love cards. Facebook photos are great, but getting mail--smiling at my friends' lovely faces, and hanging them up around my house--is a highlight of the season.