Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shopping List Revealed

Last night I finally purchased my shopping cart from Amazon, which I'd been compiling for over a week. This cart is a surprisingly revealing snapshot of my family's life right now. I purchased:

  1. Baby food freezer trays. Amelia is six months (!) and so we're starting solid food. So far, after her initial enthusiastic consumption (and then vomiting) of applesauce, she is dubious of the idea. Food is fun on your hands, not in your mouth, Mom. I know it doesn't help that I have to force-feed her pink bubblegum-flavored liquid antibiotic two times per day. If that was among my first exposures to food, I'd be dubious as well. Yet, I shall plow ahead and begin making a variety of colorful purees to freeze in my new trays. 
  2. A new DSL modem. This is not very exciting. Our current modem blips out (technical term) at least once a day, and AT&T tells me it's my modem's fault, not theirs. I find the purchase symbolic, though, because I'm now working from home enough to notice that my Internet blips out one or more times per day. I happily have about 10 hours/week of work, and I even had to turn away a client (one I was excited about, even). My little business seems to be taking off, and I find the work interesting and the income (tiny though it may be) exciting.
  3. Nose-hair trimmers. We are getting old. D especially is getting old. He now has hair growing out of weird places. Because he is a dude, though, and dudes -- especially married ones -- don't have to fret that weird hair is growing out of their faces, it has become my job to purchase the equipment to fix it, and then ask him to fix it. He doesn't care one way or the other that a small forest is sprouting out his nose. Oh, to be a dude sometimes. (I should add that my husband is very attractive and hygienic. Just...hairy.)
  4. A novel. While my cheap self usually gets all my books from the library, I'm into a somewhat trashy trilogy that my local library is never going to stock. I have happily returned to reading novels every night, and often while nursing during the day. I've plowed through some literary ones, some beach books, and a few in-between. I'm enjoying connecting and reviewing on Goodreads, as well as taking a break from bad daytime TV.
  5. A toy doctor's kit. I put this on Sylvia's birthday and Christmas lists, but she has not yet received one, so I'm giving it to her for Valentine's Day. She loves to play dress-up, and she also loves to play being a doctor, but she has yet to combine the two. I hope by giving her a doctor's bag, she'll take a break from dressing as a princess. More likely, she'll just become a princess with a stethoscope. That's OK too.
So there you have it: we are aging parents of two who enjoy reading and the Internet. Shocker.

I enjoyed this exercise, and would love to see others' Amazon carts for similar extrapolation. I know there's a blog that keeps track of discarded grocery lists. I wonder if there's one for abandoned Amazon carts?