Sunday, January 13, 2013

The good and the bad

It seems like a recent theme of my entries is how the good and the bad come together. Most parents of young (or all?) children will understand this: life can be friggin hard and kinda wonderful all at the same time.

The bad: Sylvia and I have had a virus for 16 days. It has disrupted our sleep and made everyone cranky. Earlier this week, it morphed into an upper respiratory thing, and after Sylvia started coughing too much to sleep, and occasionally coughing until she threw up, it became time for a reevaluation and some antibiotics.

Also bad: Amelia has been waking up at night about every hour. I get excited when she sleeps for two hours straight. She wakes up to nurse and returns to sleep quickly, but still - I haven't had a full sleep cycle in over a month. We have changed sleeping arrangements, bedtimes, routines, and nursing patterns, all at no avail. If I didn't have baby-mama magical powers, I don't know how I'd be holding it together. As it stands, I'm just barely staying this side of sane.

The good: I have some new freelance clients and I'm loving it. I've been writing social media copy for a vineyard in Virginia, which has made for some fun research about wine and food, and helping promote a big DC fundraiser. I'm also managing a Twitter and Facebook account for a dog magazine, which is interesting. I'm enjoying using techniques I taught in class and writing a lot more. It's all quite fulfilling.

Also good: last Thursday was my first day of grandparent babysitting. D's parents took Amelia all morning while I worked I their basement, and the baby and I survived just fine. They then picked up Sylvia from school and kept her most of the afternoon. After a morning without the baby and an afternoon with the elder kid, I was revitalized and totally in love with my babies again.

It's now time for another night, another week. Here's hoping we get some sleep and health. All in all, though, we are blessed.

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