Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best note ever

My best friend B is coming to stay with me for a long weekend while my husband and almost everyone I know in town goes to a wedding in Philadelphia. B and I grew up like sisters, and while we don't see each other or talk as much as I'd like, we are the type of old friends that are as comfy and low-maintenance as the yoga maternity pants I'm still wearing.

I wanted to share the email she just sent me, because it may be the most perfect thing anyone could send a new mom:

I hope ya'll are settling in nicely; I can't wait to see you guys!  I don't know if you realize this about me, but I'm actually kind a picky houseguest and I have some requests listed below:

1)  I prefer clutter and dust (especially large clumps of floating dog hair under the coach).  so don't even think about cleaning or straightening up before I come.

2) I also like a nice empty refrigerator and long grocery list so I can do some grocery shopping and cook for you.  so don't worry about cooking or thinking up food for dinner
3) I especially like entertaining almost 3 year olds, so please be thinking of some activities I can do with Sylvia in the mornings.  

But really, I am coming to be helpful, so let me!  It'll be fun.  Should I just call you when I arrive?  or take a cab over?

I'm so excited and thankful for this visit.