Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Time

I am large and slow. I feel uncomfortable pressure against a variety of organs. I cannot stand up or sit down without omitting some kind of grunting sound. I am always hungry and yet feel overfull after eating. My mind is foggy. I am always, always hot (the 95+ degree temperature and unrelenting humidity don't help). It's time for this baby to be born.

In late June, after returning from all our trips, I made a "July To-Do List" on the Notes of my iPhone. As of today, all but one item have been completed (that outstanding item is a research paper I was supposed to edit, but my brain is just not capable of completing that task, despite multiple attempts). That list was so overwhelming at one point, but now I walk around the house with great satisfaction, eyeing the completed nursery, the lovely painted walls of our bedrooms, the sorted garage, the refurbished cloth diapers, the clean car seats. I've had time to make some deposits in the karma bank, taking food to three friends who have had babies in the past month. And D and I have even carved out a few nights for socializing with friends, soaking in some adult time out in the world before we are confined to the home. It's time for this baby to be born.

I've had some great talks with Sylvia about what is about to happen. She understands that when the baby decides to come out, she will be going to play with Hanna, our wonderful babysitter, for a while, and then she'll come home to meet the new baby and throw a birthday party. She understands that Baby will sleep with Mama, and that Mama will have to be in bed for a while. She knows that her Grand is coming to help, and that soon after that she'll start school (which she is very excited about), and then gymnastics class (which she is thrilled about). She seems to understand how small and helpless the baby will be, though I fear she is also envisioning a playmate. But we can talk about these things, and she seems so much more prepared, more capable of understanding, than even a few weeks ago. It's time for this baby to be born.

D has completed this semester of teaching. He hosts an exam tomorrow, but that can be proctored if need be. He's been working hard to plan out the next few weeks and remove most items from his desk. He had a wonderful night out with friends earlier this week, but yesterday seemed to shift to a focus on home. It's time for this baby to be born.

My fundus has dropped and baby's head is very, very low. Tonight is a full moon. There are thunderstorms in the area. My midwife tells me that all of these are indicators of birth. It's time for this baby to be born.

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  1. Good luck!!! I hope she feels the same. :)