Friday, June 29, 2012

Reading Elsewhere

So, it turns out I really like doing that brief book review post, and found several of my friends on Facebook recently were asking for book recommendations. So...I finally joined Goodreads, and I'll save my reviews for that site. Follow me at CClaiborneL if you'd like.

I've heard from most of my friends that as much as they like the idea of Goodreads, they don't stay active on it. Clearly, as this blog shows, I'm inconsistent with updates, but I'll do my best, and I have motivation: with my first child, I watched a LOT of bad TV as I nursed her every 1.5 hours for months. I was stuck to that couch. This time, I hope to integrate some more reading into the mix so that my brain doesn't go to mush as much as it did last time. Famous last words, I know...but it's a goal. Help me keep it -- publish good reviews of the books you love, please!

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