Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm pretty sure some woman has mentioned this before, but the whole work/life balance thing is tricky, man. And something like a pick-up of work activity or a sick kid throws off a finely (if precariously) balanced system that results in stress and unhappiness all around. That, plus pregnancy makes your hormones do weird things, no?

I am currently stewing in rage because my daughter had the gall to get pinkeye and then act like maybe she felt bad. The nerve! Doesn't she know that Mama was already feeling overwhelmed?

To make matters worse: pregnancy makes me get angry faster (I swear, it's a hormone, I'm normally not like this) AND I can't have a giant fishbowl-sized glass of red wine like I want. >pout<

And then it makes me write cranky, uninteresting blog posts. Sorry. My bad.

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