Thursday, March 15, 2012

Girl babies!

Baby #2 is a girl.* We didn't find out during our first pregnancy, but this time we wanted to plan, and to be able to talk to Sylvia about it, so we found out. D was suspecting a girl all along (he believes the Fates had already deemed him to be a Father of Daughters (read 4th paragraph). I wanted a girl - it just seemed easier after having had one - but last week changed my mind and I began to think it was a boy, especially since this pregnancy has been different than my first (in related news: pregnancy acne, really?! That's just cruel, Nature).

Actually, when I was in my early 20s, I wanted a flock of boys, four or five maybe. Enough to field a team, or maybe a band. I saw myself as a mother of boys, boys who would skin their knees and muddy up the house and love their mama no matter what. I was unsure what to do with myself when I had a daughter, but within a few days, I couldn't imagine anything different. Sylvia has since turned out to be an adventurous, funny and nature-loving kid: not the princess-obsessed prissy girl I had feared. But then again, I love it when she gets girly and wears tiaras and tells me "I love your red lips, Mama." So maybe I'm mushier than I realized.

So...tell me about sisters. My high school friends didn't get along with their sisters until after college. Other friends of mine name their sisters as their long-time best friends. I look forward to watching these girls grow together, but I can't say I know what to expect.

I guess having a girl, like, well, having ANY kid, will be a new adventure. I'm excited.

*Sorry for the lack of the expected ultrasound image here, but we were given paper copies and I just don't have the time to deal with scanning right now. My favorite pic was of her precious, tiny foot. I'll try to post soon.

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  1. My three sisters are the greatest blessing I can ever name. My brother is much younger, so our relationship is different - getting more mature and precious by the year. But my sisters are my everything. I'm so glad Sylvie will have one.