Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not Dead

I'm not dead, though a little hazy in the brain. After the great sickness that consumed this house for almost 4 weeks, I have not been able to successfully check back into the world.

I am presenting my master's research at a conference in a month, but I haven't opened that document (or put any thought into it) since the first week of January. I am supposed to be working on a paper with a professor, but that's also been on hold for about 6 weeks. My consulting project seems to have wrapped up, and my class is going very smoothly. My kid is healthy and happy, but our home is still a mess, never quite fully cleaned up from the time of quarantine.

I have attempted a social life again, and that has been a wonderful step back into the world. I atttend a fabulous Oscar party, with most of us wearing ball gowns and all of us being silly while eating divine food. We took a last-minute short trip to Atlanta to visit D's sister's family, which was quite fun (proving that perhaps the unplanned trips are the best kind). D and I have finally started watching Downton Abbey, which has made for some enjoyable nights cuddled together on the couch.

So, life returns. Life grows in my belly (I sorta forgot to make a post about that, but I'm 17 weeks along and looking huge). But life has not yet inspired me to be productive. Hoping that changes soon, or we're going to be living in filth and my conference presentation will be quite vapid. We'll see.

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