Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Stands Still

My kid is sick. Nothing zooms priorities into place, and puts the rest of the world on hold, like watching your daughter briefly struggle to breathe. We have a nebulizer and medicine from Christmas break's pneumonia scare, so we made it through the night OK (in that I awoke every time she coughed and failed to get her to use the breathing machine at 2am, not that I blame the sleepy, exhausted little one, but she did eventually sleep), and we're off to see the doctor this afternoon.

She's been coughing at night, but last night right after falling asleep, it sounded worse and then turned into a fit. Immediately, classes were cancelled, computers were turned off, brain functions stopped, and all efforts of both parents went into the love and comfort of our precious little one. The pull on your hormones is awesome (as in a lot of AWE) and exhausting. Your focus becomes so singular. We are so very, very blessed that she's never been really sick, never had a hospital or ER visit, and had so few small illnesses. I don't know if I could handle it. Bless all of you who have nursed a sick child, for it is the most all-encompassing and life-force-giving activity I know.

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