Thursday, January 5, 2012

Taking a Breath

I graduated in mid-December. That was immediately followed by a blur of cooking, hosting guests, feasting, cleaning, organizing, toddler-entertaining, napping, writing cards and trying to do a few things to make it feel like vacation. I then took on a freelance writing project, which was fun but filled up my free hours. Then my free hours went out the window when Sylvia toyed with giving up her nap (egads, that means two hours less per day of work time for me, plus a crankier kid).

Now, though, the writing project is over. I'm working on a research project, but it's not too time consuming. I've crossed off (or soon will) most of my "to do" list for this vacation (believe it or not, you can now fit two cars in our two-car garage). I still have to put together my new syllabus, but since I've taught this course twice before, it shouldn't be too challenging.

So that means, folks, that I may actually have some calm around here. I'm currently not feeling stressed about anything: a weird, light feeling that I hardly recognize. I am really enjoying spending time with my daughter, and giving her my full attention (which she is certainly demanding these days). I am motivated to do more house projects and get back into a routine.

Yes, I'd like more freelance work to pay the bills and feed the brain. But for now, it feels great to be relieved of the burden of school and deadlines, the constant lingering of things to do that aren't for me. If Sylvia returns to napping (it looks like she will at least do so a few times a week), I may actually have some "just me" time. How novel.

Now...what to do with it?

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