Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is Life

With D's new job and our associated new-found security, he and I have had a few intense conversations recently. We've explored the path that got us here, made projections about our future, and assessed our present.

I noticed that during these conversations, D. started talking about wanting to go ride his bike more (which he hasn't done in over a year) and encouraging me to buy the elliptical machine we've been contemplating. Now, D. is not fat, but he's not super-healthy right now. Neither he nor I go to the gym or commit to regular exercise, but I manage to keep active enough chasing a toddler, romping with her outdoors, and taking a weekly dance class; he sits at a desk most of the day. He has been hearing it from all sides that he needs to exercise more, and he usually avoids the conversation or even lashes out at the advisor. Now, though, he seemed to be asking for it. I gave him my confused face. He explained:

"This job makes me realize that THIS is life. I am not holding out for a big change. There's no 'I'll get to that later when I have time.' Now is the time. Things aren't going to change much. In fact, if they do change, it'll probably be because we get busier - with a second kid, another promotion, more freelance work for you. So I've realized that if I was ever going to do something with my life, the time to do that is now."

I hear conversations like this in movies, but rarely if ever in my own life. But he's right, and he's wise. We are in our mid-thirties. We have a house, a kid, solid jobs, independent parents, good health. This is it, man. We are living The Life. Now it's time to act like we're living it, and not just trying to get to the next phase.