Two years and one day ago, I met my daughter. My full birth story sums up the trials and joys of that particular day.

In the two years since then, my life has been turned upside down. Everyone told me that children change everything; I didn't realize how true that would be. The change has been trying, difficult and exhausting, but also joyful, fun and extraordinary. Parenting has worn me down and then built me back up as a better person.

Sylvia is a warm, funny, clever, goofy, engaged, intelligent, stubborn, spirited, and beautiful child. She is her own unique person. She continues to grow into a child I not only love, but I actually really like as well. I don't know if all parents feel that way, but I sure feel blessed.

Here's a look back on all her achievements of the past year: learning to walk, talk, interact and play. I can't wait to see what the next year will hold.

Happy Birthday, Sylvia. I love you.


  1. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! We love you, too, and wish we could see you all the time!


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