Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the Outside

I ran away yesterday. I went to the Big City. I wore Work Clothes and High Heels and ate at a proper restaurant all by my big self. I wandered around a mall and sipped coffee at Nordstrom's cafe. I then sat in a business office and had an intelligent conversation with grown-ups in which I got to use my brain and talk about a part of my life that doesn't get brought up often.* It was heaven...only to be followed up by a rather hellish three-hour, slowly creeping, rain-soaked commute back home. But that was saved by a toddler who ran up to me at full speed shrieking "Mama! Mama!" and squeezed my neck so tightly it hurt.

So yeah...always good to run away, but always great to come back home.

*As much as I intended this blog to be a combination of my work/professional ideas on PR, marketing and writing along with my life, it seems to have veered into Mommy Blog territory (hmmm, I wonder why). But you should know that I have very compelling and well thought-out ideas about PR, marketing and writing, and I promise to address them at some point (if nothing else, to keep me from talking about the trials of potty training or how hard it is to find a cute duvet cover for a kid's room). I have important ideas, people, I promise.

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