My Kid is Funny

Every few months, I type a page or two about my daughter: her interests, her accomplishments, what she has learned, where we are as a family. I am not a scrapbooker or a regular videographer, so these essays will hopefully serve as a form of a Baby Book, a way to remember these incredible moments in her life.

I won't bore you all with the whole entry, but I wanted to share these two sections. Indulge a doting mother, won't you?

The crazy thing is, while I always knew I would love my kid, I didn’t expect to like her so much. She is independent, crafty, warm, and really funny. She has come up with three jokes in the past two weeks. The first time, she wanted to go play outside, but I told her it was too dark. Her response: “No Mama, sunny day!” I looked at her in surprise and she broke down in giggles. Next, she was in the car seat and Jiggs was riding in the back. He leaned his head over so that it was just above hers, and she yelled out, “Jiggsy hat!” It took me a while to understand what she was saying before I laughed out loud. Finally, the other day at dinner she was eating a banana. I asked her what color it was, and she said, with a smirk, “purple.” D. laughed and told her she was being silly, to which she built it up more. “Purple banana, Daddy!” she exclaimed. “That’s not a purple banana, Silly” said D., “It’s yellow and white!” “No Daddy, purple banana!” she said through her giggles. This went on for several minutes, each of them laughing more after each exchange. She remembered the joke too, as a few days later while eating a banana, she walked up to D. to tell him it was purple (while giggling).

Some of Sylvia’s favorite things:

• Painting – several times a day, she’ll declare out of the blue, “I paint!” and run full tilt to her chair in the kitchen, where I leave her watercolors set up. She’ll spend 5 – 30 minutes happily painting by herself, but often requests that we paint something for her, usually puppies or happy faces (occasionally houses, pumpkins, ghosts, kitties). She likes blue so much that she used the color up completely in both her sets of paint.
• Lollipops – she gets a Dum-Dum on Fridays at preschool, but she talks about getting one all week.
• Her turtle that shines stars and a moon up on the ceiling in different colors. She goes to bot [bed] clicking the buttons and talking to the moondt [moon].
• Pizza, pasta, cheese – these are her three favorite foods. She has thrown fits begging for cheese the way other kids beg for sweets.
• TV after sleeping – I’m not proud of this, but she loves TV after waking up. She watches a few shows in the morning and one after her nap. After she snaps out of her sleepy zone, she’ll spring off the couch, ready for action. But she doesn’t do well if denied the calm, in-between time in front of a soothing NickJr. show.
• Walking outside – Though we still try to wrangle her into the stroller once/day, Sylvia prefers to walk by herself when we take family walks with the dog. She trots ahead of us (“Run fast!”), often in search of blow-aways (fluffy dandelions) to blow (though she will blow – with a lot of determination – on any flower she picks). She also likes to race, and will yell “Ready, set, go!” before peeling by, and bounce (“Bounce high!”), which is a series of tiny jumps that she can sustain for almost a block.


  1. Clairborne Thanks for sharing it is fun to read and smile at things your daughter does and says. I love to read blogs and am happy you are blogging I do not have the talent to blog but you are doing a wonderful job. Alright back to thesis work thanks for giving me a break to smile and remember what's important in life!

  2. I loved reading this post. You guys are awesome parents. I hope my kid is as awesome as your kid too. :)


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