Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Am Elsewhere

I have been an absentee blogger of late, but not an absentee writer. I am just wrapping up Chapter 4 of my thesis, and it has been the most difficult chapter yet. While I wrangled through large parts of most of the previous chapters in some way last semester or during my early writing attempts this summer, Chapter 4 is all new material with an all-new argument. Blah. It has sapped my creative and physical energy. It's not that I'm spending hours writing, but I sure am spending hours staring at a Word document, wishing the sentences would type themselves. I'm now staring at the same screen, but at least the top says "Chapter 5," (the last chapter!) so I have some sense of accomplishment.

In more upbeat news, my class continues to be awesome. They are doing a lot of work this week surrounding Clemson's Homecoming activities. Check out their plans here.

When I snap out of the writing duldrums, I shall return. My BABY turns two this weekend (ah!) and the weather is gorgeous and we may take a mini family vacation and there will be pumpkins and fall leaves and Halloweeen hooray! But until all that...back to the Word doc.

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