Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shifting Gears

I finished. I passed my test. I actually got honors, something I was not striving for but felt nice to hear.

I thought I would want to party, to drink, to rejoice. Instead, I have retreated into the second Hunger Games book (I had held off until after cram-reading for the test) and quiet playtime with my daughter. I am tired and a bit shaken, I think. I want quiet time with nothing demanded of me.

But alas, quiet time is rarely possible. We signed up Sylvia for preschool at the last minute, so that has been a whirlwind of forms and supply shopping. Somewhere in the middle of Walmart buying Elmer's glue, I realized that my baby was starting school, going into the hands of another caregiver, off to learn things I can't take credit for teaching her and make friends I don't know. The only thing preventing my full freak-out is the realization that these three mornings a week will provide me with some of that quiet time I've been craving.

Also, I'm not really done yet. I have to write and defend a thesis. But that's for thinking about next week. Now is the time for YA novels, silly games with my baby and a moment of calm. I want to soak in this fleeting moment.


  1. I still get a little sinking feeling when I drop Jack off, or hand Liam over to the nanny. The eternal, danged Letting Go . . .

    I hope you enjoy your quiet time. And, knowing Sylvie, she will flourish in preschool. One warning though: begin deciding, now, what your plans are for handling absolutely enormously unfathomable quantities of preschooler art. The dumptruck full of abstract paintings and child handprints on various objects is about to back into your driveway and spill paper (and occasionally popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners) all over your house. Beware, BEEEEWAAAAAAARE . . .

  2. It's always time for YA novels. ALSO - I have a TOTALLY AWESOME ONE FOR YOU. I am almost done with it. Brilliant, laugh out loud funny.