Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jumping Online

Class went well last night. I am requiring my students to blog about the book chapters they've read and their client-based projects. I will also keep a blog about the class with links to all of their blogs (this is getting rather meta). In case you want to see what we're up to in class, check out (ugh, that site is unattractive; I need to go fiddle with the design more).

Some of my students already blog, but the process is new for most of them (glad I'm no longer a phoney). Many of them are on Twitter, but two remarked that when I pulled up my Twitter page, it was the first time they'd ever even seen the site. I realize, though, that I should probably mention Google+ as well, and though I've joined, I know nothing about it. Anyone out there have any good tips? (I see people Tweeting about it all the time, but I got overwhelmed and stopped paying attention). Thanks!

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  1. I can't join google+ yet, I didn't get an invite. But most people on it love it. I don't know if that's just because it's shiny and new, or because it truly is better than facebook.

    Also, this reminds me of that 30Rock episode when Liz Lemon meets the pregnant teen and wants to adopt her baby. At some point, the girl is talking on and on about all the social media that her crappy boyfriend has ignored her on, and Liz says . . . "Man, there’s just so many different devices for guys to not call you on now. When I was your age, I could just be like “Oh he probably tired to call me, but my line was busy.” Then you could just watch Falcon Crest and cry yourself to sleep."

    *I want you to know it took me a full ten minutes of googling to find that quote. Not that I'm busy or anything.