Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Big Test

I've been meaning to keep a blog for years. I'm a freelance writer; we're supposed to have proof of our talents. I also teach PR and social media classes, and I'm always telling my students about the importance of having an online presence. But I failed to follow my own advice, intimidated by the very idea of writing about myself or, even scarier, coming up with something clever and interesting.

The final impetus to write this came from a strong desire to avoid what I should be doing: studying for a huge oral exam. My degree requires not only a thesis or project, but also an oral exam, to graduate. The exam is not at all tied to the thesis, rather, it is a test on about 75 articles that are seminal to the field. I have to be able to read, cite, compare, contrast, have opinions on and make clever comments upon 75 or so academic journal articles. And I have to do this 5 weeks from today.

I have organized binders. I have made a schedule. But mainly, I have complained. I have found fellow students and alums to commiserate with, I have aired my pains on Facebook, and I have informed anyone who asks about my summer about the trials of said test. But I have read little. And now, I am writing a blog.

So there you have it. I was so desperate to not read, that I decided to start talking to the world. Now that you're listening, world, please tell me to go read my d*mn articles. Thank you.

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