Friday, July 29, 2011


D. was on his way out the door this morning, off to bring home some bacon. He picked up Sylvia for a big hug and kiss goodbye, then went to gather his things. When he returned to the room, I noticed a wet stain on the front of his shirt. He shrugged it off, and I did too. And then we locked eyes and laughed, because we realized we were both OK with the idea of "Meh, it's just pee."

It's just pee.

I knew parenting would change me, but sometimes I'm surprised in what ways.


  1. Egads. Upon rereading this, I feel the need to clarify that he got pee on his shirt when he hugged Sylvia, who had a wet diaper. wasn't anything, you know, weird.

  2. Right, because if it was HIS pee on his pants, he would have had to go change. But something about toddler pee is completely sterile and therefore fine on your clothes. Because, you know, it ain't poo. And that in and of itself is such a relief.